We, vanmason.web.id make the Privacy Policy as a direct statement to show our commitment particularly in terms of user privacy. Below are our statements related to information collection and dissemination practices through our website vanmason.web.id, which include:

Domain vanmason.web.id

Privacy Philosophy
We are convinced and trust that electronic privacy is very important for sustainable convenience and success of the internet as the media of information, services, commercials, and entertainment. Our policy and commitment is to keep personal information that we receive through vanmason.web.id website as something very confidential and is only used internally. We will not share your personal information with other parties. We, vanmason.web.id will not deliberately reveal information that can be identified individually on its use to a third party.

Use of Personal Information
Because directly or indirectly we collect information through vanmason.web.id website for various reasons, we have outlined the information that we collect and what we do with those in the following statement:

Contact and/or Application Form
The vanmason.web.id website include registration form and/or form of request that obligates the user to give contact information such as name and e-mail address. We use user contact information from the registration and request form to send information related to vanmason.web.id website and to contact the user if needed. User contact information also allows us to establish contact quickly with the user when needed.

Sometimes, we vanmason.web.id ask the users to participate in a voluntary online survey. Our online survey may ask users or visitors to include contact information (such as e-mail address), financial information (such as combined annual household income), and demographic information (such as postal code, age, and location). We keep this information very confidential and use them to help us optimise vanmason.web.id website for the interest of all users.

Demographic Information
We, vanmason.web.id use the demographic information for aggregate information as user trend identification in general. This information is also used to provide content relevant to users based on available demographic information, but excluding limited industry and corporate size in general.

Use of Cookies
We, vanmason.web.id make use of technology known as “cookies” that store small pieces of information on the user’s computer. A website uses cookies to identify visitors repeatedly in its services. The vanmason.web.id website uses cookies to track user preference and to ensure they do not see the same survey questions repeatedly. Besides, third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve advertisements based on visitor’s visit before coming to our website. Cookies can not be used in themselves to know the identity of each user. We, vanmason.web.id as one of media for storing our website documents, displays our links from other websites outside vanmason.web.id will only store information that add to the browsing experience of user. This information cannot be identified personally. If for certain reasons users do not want to take benefits made possible by cookie, most of web browsers allow users to reject the cookie or choose to accept the cookies. For example, you can choose to leave Google using cookie by visiting Google’s privacy policy page. Users are expected to examine the browser documentation and supporting file, or contact respective browser’s vendor, for further information on the cookie features.

Use of IP Address
We, vanmason.web.id use IP (Internet Protocol) address of user computer to help diagnose problems related to our server, and to manage our website. This allows us to see which part of our website getting visited by the user. We do not link IP address with something personal. This means that each user’s session is tracked down but the user will remain anonymous.

Other Websites
The vanmason.web.id website contains links to, and third-party vendors, including Google and vanmason.web.id as one of media for storing our website documents, displays our links from other websites outside vanmason.web.id domain. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or contents of those websites.

This website has security steps in place to protect against loss, abuse, and change of information under our control. When users send personal information, the data are in our server and cannot be accessed by a third party through the internet. This is to prevent careless use of user information. All financial information sent to vanmason.web.id website is encrypted and stored in our server which cannot be accessed by a third party through the internet. Furthermore, users can choose to send information through a more secure connection to increase the security of each data transaction.

The vanmason.web.id website gives users choices to change and modify information they have given before. Contact us and tell us what information needs to be changed or modified.

Contacting vanmason.web.id
If users have questions related to this privacy policy, vanmason.web.id website practices, or data transaction with vanmason.web.id website, please contact us.